Dial-A-Law is a library of scripts prepared by lawyers. It offers general information on a variety of topics on law in British Columbia, but not legal advice. If you need further information, you should consult a lawyer by calling the Lawyer Referral Service toll-free in BC at 1.800.663.1919. Dial-A-Law is a free service that is available in English, Chinese and Punjabi by telephone and on the Internet. Dial-A-Law is funded by the Law Foundation of British Columbia and is operated by the Canadian Bar Association British Columbia Branch (CBABC). You can call Dial-A-Law if you think you may have a legal problem and want practical information on the law involved, if you want to find out about your legal rights and responsibilities or if you want to learn more about the law and the legal system in British Columbia.

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toll free : 1-800-565-5297


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This program was last updated on 20 Oct 2014.