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Dial-A-Law is a library of scripts prepared by lawyers.more info

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toll-free: 1-800-565-5297
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Lawyer Referral Service (LRS)

The Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is funded by the Law Foundation of British Columbia and operated by the Canadian Bar Association British Columbia Branch.more info

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toll free: 1-800-663-1919
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Legal Aid (Legal Services Society)

Legal Services Society (LSS) has a range of free services that may help you.more info

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toll free: 1-866-577-2525
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Restorative Justice Program

The Restorative Justice Program provides an opportunity for offenders of minor crimes to take accountability for their actions and avoid the court system through a diversion program.more info

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Salt Spring Island Community Services
268 Fulford-Ganges Road
, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 2K6
Phone: (778) 402-6626
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