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Hello everyone! 

I wanted to formally introduce myself to the community. For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Tim Camps. I grew up on the island and after graduating high school, ventured abroad to pursue my physiotherapy degree. Over the last 6 years I have had the opportunity to work at clinics in The Netherlands and Victoria. It’s been through this experience that I’ve learnt the importance of community, continued to develop my knowledge and align my interests to suit my scope of practice. 
Within my clinical framework I place high value on each individual's specific background and focus for their health journey. Everyone has a different story and must be understood as such. My goal is to provide everyone an understanding that allows you to navigate your desired needs. As such, all our sessions are fully one on one, and will always be tailored to you specifically. As things within the medical world are always changing with such pace and up to date information keeps being brought too light. I pride myself on adapting my approach to follow the most recent evidenced based information and to incorporate this into your diagnostic and treatment evaluation. 
What to expect when booking an initial visit? 
During the initial visit our goal is to gain a full understanding of your complaints and form an accurate diagnosis. We start off our journey with an open dialogue. During this time, my focus is placed on getting an understanding of your complaints as well as goals and expectations. It also gives me the space to provide more insight into the steps I take within physiotherapy and how working together, we can achieve your desired outcomes. From here, we move onto the physical assessment. It's here where I take a detailed look at your movement patterns, joint range of motion, muscular strength & flexibility and nervous system function. Each injury tends to highlight its own set of specific symptoms, patterns and outcomes. Further special testing allows me to gain an in-depth understanding of the functional implications. Once I have gathered all the necessary outcomes we move onto the treatment aspect. During this portion I will create and start the framework to our treatment approach and provide you with an individualized home exercise routine that you can follow. 
What to expect when booking a subsequent visit? 
Follow up visits are centred around your progress and further development. The treatment approach differs greatly between each individual. Steps to your improvement start with building out mechanical restrictions you present with and pain management strategies. As things get easier and pain as well as movement improve, we progress to more strength, stability and endurance by means of exercise rehabilitation. As a general outlook, as the requirement for passive treatment dimensions, active rehabilitation loading increases. Whether it is return to sport, work or daily tasks we will assess your level of functioning and plan these steps in a safe and timely manner. 
Our clinic is now open and accepting new patients. We are looking forward to giving back to the community in any way we can.
You can find more information regarding our services & specializations and even book online through our website ( or on instagram (gulfislandphysio).

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271 Fulford Ganges Road Salt Spring Island, BCV8K 2K6
Contact name: Tim Camps
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271 Fulford Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2K6

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Phone: (250) 537-6248
Fax: 1(778) 901-0945

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Regional Centres ServedSalt Spring Island
Cost structureprivate pay
Referral criteriaNo referral required
Age ranges servedall ages
Currently accepting new patients / clientsCurrently accepting new patients / clients
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